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  • What the 10-Day Waiting Period Ruling Means for You

    What the 10-Day Waiting Period Ruling Means for You August 25, 2014 As some of you already know, California’s 10-day waiting period laws were ruled unconstitutional (as applied to specific classes of gun buyers — more on that below) by federal judge Anthony…


    Infographic: What SB 53 Means for You and Your Second Amendment Gun Rights

    Sacramento politicians love “feel-good” bills like SB 53, but they often ignore the consequences. Here’s an infographic showing how SB 53 will affect California and your Second Amendment rights.


    The Myth of Gun Free Zones (Video)

    Anti-gunners are fully committed to disarming law-abiding citizens. And one of their favorite tools to do so is to create so-called “Gun Free Zones”. If there is one thing that can we can learn from the recent shooting at Fort […]


    Excuse me, Senator – are you **really** pro-gun?

    Many politicians claim to “support the Second Amendment” and say they are “pro-gun.” But are they really? How should we define “pro-gun?” In this video, Craig looks at how (for the 2013-14 California Legislative Session) legislators’ actions haven’t exactly lined […]


    SacBee’s Support of Jim Crow-Style Policies Shows Its True Colors

    In an opinion it published on March 3, the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board called the exercise of fundamental human rights by law-abiding people “a chilling prospect.” We could not disagree more, and the United States Constitution could not be more […]

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