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    Breitbart: Gun Store Lay-Offs Follow Implementation of Seattle Gun and Bullet Tax

    Using unreasonable taxes to infringe on civil rights is not a new concept. Can you say “Poll Tax”? via Breitbart Breitbart News previously reported that the violence tax places a five-cent tax on every bullet sold within city limits and…


    Forbes: President Obama’s Final Shot At Gun Control

    It’s always interesting (if not totally annoying) to read about the merits of “smart gun” technology from someone who knows nothing about guns. via Forbes The gun regulation debate reaches fever pitch when another mass shooting happens. But if we’re […]


    NBC Bay Area: Gun Stores in Northern California Getting Hit Harder by Thieves

    The number of guns stolen from gun shops in California nearly doubled between 2013 and 2015. Last year, more than 400 guns were reported stolen from California gun stores, according to ATF data. And those are just a fraction of all guns stolen in California.

  • What the 10-Day Waiting Period Ruling Means for You

    What the 10-Day Waiting Period Ruling Means for You August 25, 2014 As some of you already know, California’s 10-day waiting period laws were ruled unconstitutional (as applied to specific classes of gun buyers — more on that below) by federal judge Anthony […]


    Infographic: What SB 53 Means for You and Your Second Amendment Gun Rights

    Sacramento politicians love “feel-good” bills like SB 53, but they often ignore the consequences. Here’s an infographic showing how SB 53 will affect California and your Second Amendment rights.

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