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Anti-Gunners Find New Approach


Mr. Michael Baryla
Owner, Tracy Rifle & Pistol
Treasurer, Cal-FFL
December 13, 2012

The lessons of the 1994 mid-term election and the fallout of Clinton’s extremely unpopular “Assault Weapons Ban” are still resonating with the Democrats. Federal level gun control has been a non-starter among the party. They know that guns are more popular than ever and with the recent explosion of guns in mainstream television shows, any new controls would be vastly unpopular even with their own demographic.

The last couple weeks have me worried. The anti-gun crowd has found a way to bring the discussion to the media without risking any specific elected official’s career. Bob Costas brought the debate into the media during the now infamous Sunday Night Football game. There was an immediate backlash against him, his network and the NFL. There was also a chance for certain anti-gun media heads to jump on this train.

One of these personalities is Piers Morgan. Although he has always been extremely anti-gun, his show on CNN has given him a platform to spew his misinformation. He too can speak about this issue without risking any Congressman’s career. The problem I have with this is that these people just look for headlines. He does not check to see if what he says makes sense, or even if it is true. His recent crusade against “Semi-Automatic, Military-Style, AR-15 rifles” is worrisome. He asked Alan Gottlieb, who I had the pleasure of going to a CGF dinner with last week, what people need firearms like this for. We need to be clear that these are just modern sporting guns used not only for defense of life and home but also in a variety of sport shooting.

Television shows such as Top Shot have shown the American people the sport uses for modern sporting guns. The continued popularity of this show and others will be a great help in winning the PR battle. The problem comes in whenever some heathen somewhere goes and shoots people at a mall. This is a very serious problem and the immediate blame on guns, as misguided as it is, hurts our rights.

It needs to be pointed out that in most of these cases the individuals are already not allowed to own or possess firearms. Gun control advocates like Costas and Morgan completely ignore this fact. They do not realize that criminals do not follow laws. Making ownership more illegal does not affect the criminals access or use of firearms but makes it harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves against these maniacs. Common sense escapes these people.

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