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Forbes: President Obama’s Final Shot At Gun Control


It’s always interesting (if not totally annoying) to read about the merits of “smart gun” technology from someone who knows nothing about guns.

via Forbes

The gun regulation debate reaches fever pitch when another mass shooting happens. But if we’re really going to tackle America’s gun problem, then stopping mass shootings should be bottom of the list. Stopping the tens of thousands of firearm related suicides, accidental deaths and preventable homicides should be where the work begins.

It’s here that some are touting technology as the cure. More specifically: ‘smart’ guns. Lethal firearms that marry both traditional mechanics of guns with some sort of verification technology. The idea is that these guns can only be used by the owner, therefore making them safer because only the intended user can discharge them.

But how, exactly, does adding another step to discharging a lethal weapon make it safer? I spoke with Margot Hirsch, head of the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, which was set up after the Sandy Hook shooting to find innovative solutions to gun violence, who explained how smart guns can be effective in particular situations.

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