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Panic Buying Leads to Shortages


Mr. Michael Baryla
Owner, Tracy Rifle & Pistol
Treasurer, Cal-FFL
December 18, 2012

The next few months are going to bring an attack on our Second Amendment rights like we have never seen before. There is going to be a lot of work to be done on Federal and especially the State level. State Senator Yee has already announced he will be seeking to pass new gun control measures, including the failed SB249 legislation aimed at eliminating possession of the most common firearms – modern sporting rifles. Please remember that freedom is not free. Cal-FFL, CGF, SAF and other groups will be working hard in the coming months. Your donations to these groups will go a long way to help fight these ill-conceived attempts at gun control.

Please visit and to support your California organizations who will be fighting for you in 2013.  Don’t forget to be a member of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as well as the Second Amendment Foundation.

On the retail side, product is almost impossible to get. There are no lowers left in the country for dealers to buy. The major distributors have sold out of every AR-15 style rifle. The distributors that I talked to saw at least 10 times normal business yesterday and one even had their website completely come down. It was obviously impossible to see this coming but even being stocked higher than normal for Christmas season, I have sold just about everything I have. I am sure it will take manufacturers a while to ramp up production but I do not see supply getting anywhere near demand. There will be shortages for the next couple months, depending on what legislation looks viable.

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