CAL-FFL Asks Gov. Brown to Veto Handgun Ban Bill AB 1964

Gun rights group says courts should weigh in on the constitutionality of California’s handgun roster before the law is amended.

(Sacramento, CA) – In an effort to protect law-abiding Californians’ Second Amendment gun rights, California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL) has sent Governor Jerry Brown a letter requesting his veto of Assembly Bill 1964.  The measure, authored by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson of Sacramento, would prohibit the sale of most modern handguns in the Golden State.

In the letter, CAL-FFL President Brandon Combs explained that the “clear intent of AB 1964 is to eliminate even more firearms in common use for lawful purposes from the non-peace officer (i.e., “regular person”) marketplace.”  Combs went to note, “Even if the bill’s inherent constitutional defects were not enough to make the bill worthy of [Brown’s] veto, the plain absurdity of the text could not make for a better candidate for rejection.

“AB 1964 would create a new single-shot loophole for handguns that are manufactured as a single-shot, but ban handguns that were first manufactured as some other type and subsequently professionally re-manufactured — even those permanently altered — into a single-shot handgun that is functionally equivalent (and perhaps even identical in all respects) to the non-proscribed firearm.”

This is the third handgun ban proposal in as many years to be authored by Assemblyman Dickinson, with the first two bills (AB 2460 in the 2011-2012 session and AB 169 in 2012-2013) having been vetoed by Governor Brown. AB 1964 was passed by the Legislature on June 30.

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