CAL-FFL Files AB 1014 Letter of Opposition to California Legislature

(Sacramento, CA) – In response to Assembly Bill 1014, a gun control proposal that would allow “anyone” to ask a court for a “Gun Violence Restraining Order” and “firearms seizure warrant” against gun owners, Second Amendment rights group California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL) has submitted its strongly-worded letter of opposition to the California Legislature.

The bill, authored by Democratic state Assembly members Nancy Skinner of Berkeley and Das Williams of Santa Barbara, has been a CAL-FFL legislative target since its introduction.

“We’ve taken the lead in opposing this nightmare gun control bill because California gun owners deserve timely and uncompromising representation in our State Capitol,” explained Brandon Combs, the organization’s president. “We cannot allow this measure go to unchallenged for a single day.”

Under the proposed law, California gun owners could face a loss of their Second Amendment gun rights and confiscation of their firearms without prior warning. The bill also allows the government up to two weeks after the issuance of a restraining order to set a hearing in which the subject of the order could argue for the reinstatement of their Second Amendment rights and return of any firearms seized.

"Good intentions do not make a law constitutional and this bill is plainly unconstitutional," stated Combs. "People cannot be denied their constitutional right to acquire and possess firearms based on secret proceedings."

While the bill should be withdrawn from consideration based on its many legal and practical shortcomings, Combs says that the Legislature often passes bills regardless of those factors.

“The anti-gun elected officials in Sacramento don’t care if it takes us decades and millions of dollars to overturn the awful and unconstitutional laws they pass,” he noted. “They’re only concerned with furthering their oppressive Big Brother agenda.”

"That’s why gun owners need to step up and stand together in fierce opposition to AB 1014 every day until it's dead.”

CAL-FFL’s official letter of opposition to AB 1014 can be viewed here

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