YOUR RIGHTS. YOUR VOICE. OUR MISSION. Social media boosts business for gear makers

If you're not engaging your customers via social media, you're missing out


Gun gear makers are pushing their marketing towards Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as millennials continue to gravitate to this online means of consumerism.

Millenials, people reaching young adulthood around the year 2000, spend close to 5 hours a day on social media sites, with 54 percent admitting to doing most of their research and shopping online. Those in the industry say more browsing means more exposure for businesses that might not see the same level of interest offline.

Digital advertising revenue in the U.S. surged in 2015, breaking $59.6 billion, with social media raking in $10.9 billion. The figure represented a 55 percent jump in revenue over the previous year according to AdvertisingAge.

Of the major platforms, Facebook surpassed sister site Instagram and competitor Twitter as the most profitable. The company, alone, was estimated to earn $15.5 billion in ad revenue in 2015.

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