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    Bakersfield Now: Central Valley’s federal justice system among slowest in the nation

    It might just be the best kept secret from Central Valley taxpayers. Federal justice moves slower here than it does just about anywhere else in the United States. “There’s nobody who disagrees that it should be much faster,” said Federal…


    Review Journal: A Right to Advertise

    Imagine you own a shop that sells various gadgets. The gadgets are perfectly legal, so you not only sell them, you also advertise them at your shop — on the windows and doors or on outside walls — to help […]


    KRCR News: Gun show draws bigger crowd and more women

    The 40th annual Chico Gun Show vendors offered more merchandise for women to respond to the growing demand. The Chico Gun Show promoter, Blair Snyder, said he expects the event drew in about 4,500 people. That is double the attendance […]


    CNN Money: Gun makers streamline pistols for women who carry

    Women are the fastest growing demographic in the gun industry, pushing background checks to a record high last year. Motivated by fear in what seems to be an increasingly dangerous world, they’re buying guns for self-defense. They’re not just buying […]


    NPR: Gun-Toting Women Give Rise To Firearms Fashion Accessories

    There’s no accurate count of female gun owners, but a 2015 report from the National Sporting Goods Association found that 5.4 million women said they went target shooting. That’s up 60 percent since 2001. There are several reasons women don’t […]

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