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This case could be the camel’s nose under the tent.

via Newsweek:

A gun-violence victim’s family is hoping the mother of the man who fatally shot their relative will strengthen their case against two firearms dealers in an Oregon court.

Kirsten Englund, a 57-year-old California woman, was fatally shot in April 2013 at a scenic overlook in Oregon while on her way to visit relatives. After 30-year-old Jeffrey Boyce killed Englund, he drove to northern California and carjacked two different drivers before police arrested him. Two months later, while awaiting his arraignment, Boyce killed himself in jail.

On Thursday, the gunman’s mother, Diane Boyce, agreed to help the family with its wrongful death lawsuit against two retailers that sold her guns, despite originally being named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that the retailers had reason to know the guns were being purchased by a straw buyer—but still allowed the sales to proceed—and that J&G and WPE’s negligence caused Englund’s death. The suit describes an invoice that allegedly identifies Jeffrey Boyce as the buyer.

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