Placer Herald: Rocklin gun store at odds with city over security measures

CAL-FFL member Sacramento Black Rifle and its owner Rob Adams was in the news recently when Adams’s novel approach to self-defense conflicted in the city of Rocklin, CA.
After a series of gun store break-ins throughout the region, Adams was prompted to preempt his own business becoming a victim by positioning giant cement barriers that are often seen in construction zones on the freeway. The city of Rocklin is at odds with Adams’s decision, however cannot take any recourse against Adams.
Via the Placer Herald:
Cement barriers erected at Rocklin’s Sacramento Black Rifle have put city officials at odds with gun store owner Rob Adams. In the wake of a rash of gun store break-ins involving vehicles driven through store fronts, Adams had the barriers installed to protect his store; but the city contends that the specific style of barriers are against code, and the Code Compliance Department is investigating, according to Rocklin Police Chief Ron Lawrence.

“The large cement freeway barriers may be in violation of our municipal or building codes,” Lawrence said. “We want to offer better alternatives that will accomplish the same security objectives.”

Throughout the summer an ongoing series of gun-store break-ins have hit Northern California, with stores burglarized in Rocklin and Folsom on July 13. Rocklin Police Sgt. Trent Jewell confirmed that five people were taken into custody the same day in Oakland on suspicion of being connected with those robberies, though whether they were connected to earlier thefts in Northern California remains under investigation.

“A few years back, actually, we tried to get bollards (solid, protective posts) approved and we were told no,” Adams said. “After the recent break-ins, I said enough is enough – we’re not going to lose our inventory and let guns get into the hands of criminals. I decided we were going to use (barriers), and if the city didn’t like them, tough s***.”

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