Your Rights. Your Voice. Our Mission.

What We Do

CAL-FFL is proud to be one of the nation’s largest advocacy organizations dedicated to the firearms industry, working hard every day to defend and advance the civil rights and economic liberties of firearms manufacturers, distributors, dealers, trainers, and others in the firearms industry ecosystem.

CAL-FFL’s approach to advocacy is guided by the core belief that the health of our industry is proportional to the wellness of all of its many parts.

Some of our many efforts include:

Issue Advocacy & Direct Lobbying

CAL-FFL’s Sacramento-based policy team is our members’ voice in the Capitol Building, state agencies, and city and county legislative and regulatory bodies. Through its officers, attorneys, and lobbyists, CAL-FFL acts on current and proposed firearm law matters through informational documents, position papers, and written and oral testimony.

Legal Efforts


CAL-FFL represents the interests of the firearms ecosystem through participating in and/or funding legal actions, including civil litigation in both state and federal courts. Some of our litigation efforts include:

Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Cal. Attorney General Kamala Harris

CAL-FFL is supporting a federal First Amendment civil rights challenge of California law preventing gun dealers from displaying truthful, non-misleading speech.

Doe v. Harris

CAL-FFL is supporting a state case challenging California Attorney General Kamala Harris and her Department of Justice’s enforcement of a policy denying multiple handgun sales in a 30-day period to those holding both a California Certificate of Eligibility and FFL03 (federal firearms collector license).

Teixeira v. County of Alameda

CAL-FFL is an organizational plaintiff in this federal Second and Fourteenth Amendment civil rights action that challenges the County of Alameda, California’s ban on new gun retailers as unconstitutional. CAL-FFL is joined in the case by three individual plaintiffs who wish to open a gun store in Alameda County, The Calguns Foundation, and the Second Amendment Foundation. The County has an ordinance that, among other things, prohibits gun stores within 500 feet of locations like residential zones. There are no properties that meet the County’s requirements for opening a gun store; therefore, the ordinance is a de facto ban on new gun stores and infringes the civil rights of consumers and our FFL plaintiffs alike.

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles v. National Security Agency

CAL-FFL is an organizational plaintiff in this federal First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment civil rights action against the National Security Agency. Partnering with the renown Electronic Frontier Foundation on the lawsuit, CAL-FFL and the other plaintiffs seek to stop the NSA’s practices of collecting telephone and other private records without a warrant. Among other damaging effects, the NSA’s data collection programs chill the First Amendment rights of current and potential CAL-FFL members. Read more about this case at EFF’s website.

Amicus Briefs

In cases where CAL-FFL is not a party, it often will file amicus (“friend of the court”) briefs to inform the court of important issues of law and fact.

Peruta v. San Diego

CAL-FFL joined a brief urging the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reject a request for intervention by California Attorney General Kamala Harris in the Second Amendment right-to-carry case of Peruta v. San Diego.

Jackson v. San Francisco

CAL-FFL joined a brief filed to the United States Supreme Court urging it to grant certiorari (“cert”) in the case of Jackson v. San Francisco. The case argues that the Ninth Circuit’s ruling which upheld San Francisco’s mandatory locked container law was incorrectly decided, and CAL-FFL’s brief argues that the Supreme Court should reverse the lower court and provide guidance in Second Amendment constitutional litigation.

Education & Outreach

CAL-FFL regularly provides firearm manufacturers, retailers, trainers, ranges, and others with educational and informational materials, including news and legal updates.

Additionally, CAL-FFL participates in, and occasionally sponsors, events that promote our members’ interests, including those centering on firearm safety and awareness of the complex regulatory scheme that apply to those in the firearms industry.

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